4:30pm Saturday 11th April 2015

Alessandro Bava presents a retrospective view on his e-zine ECOCORE, followed by Q&A by Anke von der Heide

At 6pm Harm van den Dorpel will give an artist talk, co-inciding with the finissage of his solo exhibition 'Ambiguity points to the mystery of all revealing' upstairs at Neumeister Bar-Am

#WEC is a project initiated by artist Ella Görner and formed in collaboration with The Composing Rooms with help from the Fachbereich Kultur/ Kulturbeirat Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

Artists include: Andreas Ervik, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Ella Görner, Aaron Graham, Tue Greenfort, Joey Holder, Daniel Keller, Rachel Lord, Stephen Nachtigall, Marjetica Potrč with others TBA.

Contributors also include: DIS, Martti Kalliala, Tanaz Modabber, Sascha Pohflepp, Jenna Sutela and Elvia Wilk.

More info: Newsletter + wec.thecomposingrooms.com

4:30pm Saturday 18th April 2015

Sascha Pohflepp presents a perspective on Whole Earth Contemporaneity with round table style Q&A lead by Ella Görner.

Aaron Graham - Wheat Paste Grids
19.02 – 31.05 2015